Laser Cutting

We can cut and engrave Paper, Plywood, MDF, Fabric, and Acrylic. Our machine is also equipped with a rotary cutter for engraving onto bottles!

We stock a small range of materials including:

- Poplar Plywood (6mm)
- Birch Plywood (3mm)
- MDF (2mm, 4mm and 6mm)
- Acrylic (2mm & 3mm)  

︎Check out our MATERIAL LIST.

Cutting Days

Our cutting days are usually Thursday and Friday so if you make sure to confirm your order before hand we should be able to complete your order that week. 


Our hourly rate is £33 per hour, with a minimum order of £12.


Setup & Quotes

To ensure your files are formatted correctly just follow our simple setup guide.

︎Check out our FILE SETUP GUIDE.

For a quote shoot us an email to mobileprintstudio@gmail.com with these details:

1. What is your project?
2. What materials will you be using?
3. Will you be using your own material or our stock?
4. Pickup at our Studio or should we post it out to you?
5. When is your deadline?