Meet the team

Mobile Print Studio was co-founded and is now run by David Farrar. You can meet David at most of MoPS’s workshops alongside two freelance tutors Olivia Juett and Tintin Lindkvist Nielsen and the studio manager Romana Cerna.  

David Farrar

David is a visual artist working across a wide range of mediums but specialising in printmaking. He co-founded Mobile Print Studio in 2015 to encourage people of all abilities, backgrounds and ages to develop new skills and experience the joy of analogue print processes. He fell in love with screenprinting at Wheatley Park Secondary School, learning from a fantastic print technician Valeska Hykel using industry standard equipment. Access to facilities of this standard is quite rare for a state school, and David is passionate about giving others the same opportunities he had. This nurturing environment sparked an interest that led him to study Painting & Printmaking at The Glasgow School of Art, graduating with a BA (Hons) in 2013.
In 2015 he started working as a print technician within Design at The Glasgow School of Art and has built up over 8 years of technical expertise in printmaking, particularly screenprinting and etching. Recently he completed a PgCert in Higher Education Learning & Teaching, researching and honing his skills as a technical teacher.

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Olivia Juett

Olivia is a freelance illustrator, printmaker and workshop leader based in Glasgow. She first learned what print was through music graphics and posters, and gradually discovered how this could be applied to fine art and design contexts. Printmaking has been a part of her own work since she started studying at the Glasgow School of Art, and she loves exploring how work can be made in a series. In particular, she is interested in the small variations that can make a series of prints similar, but still unique. Print is an area that encourages full immersion in the process, and a chance to get your hands inky! Olivia is a fan of both these things.

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Tintin Lindkvist Nielsen

Tintin is a freelance illustrator and Mobile Print Studio team member. Tintin grew up in a small town in Sweden before pursuing her love for illustration and design at The Glasgow School of Art. Her first introduction to printmaking was in high school, in a hidden room with a mysterious cupboard, where she and six other students discovered screen printing. In a small military town where few to no art galleries existed, this was an eye-opening moment for Tintin. She has had a love for different printing techniques since then. What she loves about it is all the experimenting and ‘happy accidents’ that can happen during the printing process.

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Romana Cerna

Romana joined Mobile Print Studio as the studio manager in January 2023 for a six month internship funded by GCAS and she will carry on in her role after her internship has ended. She studied International Tourism and Hospitlaity Managemnt and Management and Leadership  at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh. Romana takes care of the day to day running of the stduio, however, she also helps facilitate workshops whenever she can. 

“I don’t come from a printmaking background but I fell in love with it over my time here at MoPS and I take every opportunity I can have to get my hands inky.”