Setup Guide

  1. Make sure you have different coloured lines for Raster, Engrave and Cut with colour key in file.
  2. Ensure anything to be rastered is a closed shape.
  3. Ensure artboard size corresponds with material size.
  4. Ensure there is at least a 5mm border between your drawing and edge of artboard.
  5. Ensure there are no overlapping lines.
  6. Check the scale is correct.
  7. Ensure text is outlined Type > Create Outlines (Adobe Illustrator).
  8. Release any clipping masks.
  9. Remove any double lines.
  10. Ungroup objects.
  11. Check cut widths - we recommend making these no thinner than the thickness of your material.
  12. All artboards in one file, clearly labelled with corresponding material.

Save your files like this:

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