MoPS is a small initiative run by a local artist David Farrar who together with his team  delivers pop-up introductory printmaking workshops within the community.



Mobile Print Studio was co-founded by artists David Farrar and Fionnuala McGowan in 2015. Fionnuala has now moved on to teach art and printmaking in Greece and Belfast but the MoPS team has grown and we’ve welcomed a group of amazing freelance artists and a studio manager to help us spread the joy of printmaking. 

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We are passionate about printmaking and want to make this fun and versatile art form more accessible. Our workshops introduce technical processes in relaxed environments, giving people their first step on the printmaking ladder. We are community driven and want to support schools, local businesses and community groups.

“I was lucky enough to have the chance to experience printmaking at school, which led me to study Painting & Printmaking in Glasgow and ultimately establish a career as an artist. I now want to give back and offer the public an opportunity to try out technical creative processes in relaxed and affordable classes.”
- David (Founder)

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MoPS HQ is based in Studio 1 within Rogart Street Campus where we offer a range of more in depth classes and rent out the space to local printmakers.

We have a selection of technical equipment including 4 screenprinting vacuum tables, exposure unit, washout booth, a small etching press, guillotine and even a Laser Cutter!


I am a keen promoter of sustainability so use a bike trailer to transport the studio to pop-up workshop locations around Glasgow. We can bring most things with us, including a stock of screens and even our baby etching press.

Please be kind if you get stuck behind me struggling up a hill!

Send us an email to MOBILEPRINTSTUDIO@GMAIL.COM if you would like us to pay your venue a visit, we’d love to work with you.